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Publicizing Stephen Ministry in a Big, Bold Way

King of Glory Lutheran Church in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina publicizes its ministry offerings using what they call a "God Art Sign"--a large wooden sign at the corner of their church property. Kathy Marks, a Stephen Leader at King of Glory, said, "Each time we celebrate a special activity at King of Glory, our sign is repainted. It stands up to announce God's work in our corner of the world."

King of Glory used their God Art Sign to spread the word about their Stephen Ministry. The Stephen Ministry team repainted the sign to feature the Stephen Ministry logo and the words "Stephen Ministry Practiced Here." "We painted this sign to build ownership and awareness, mark the change of Supervision Groups, and kick off recruitment for a new Stephen Ministry class," said Kathy.

To create their sign, King of Glory's Stephen Ministry first downloaded the Stephen Ministry logo from the Stephen Ministries Web site. They took the logo to a local print shop, which printed out the design to fit the sign's dimensions. Kathy and her Stephen Ministry team traced the design onto their God Art Sign using carbon paper and then painted the sign. Afterward, they celebrated the sign's completion with a pizza party.

A sign like King of Glory's can build awareness of Stephen Ministry well beyond the congregation. "The sign announces Stephen Ministry to the entire neighborhood in a big, bold way," said Kathy. What a great way to share Stephen Ministry with people who have heard of the ministry and want to learn more, who are experiencing grief or some other crisis, or who are looking for a caring church home!

Getting King of Glory's Stephen Ministry involved in this activity was a great idea for both publicizing their caring ministry to the congregation and community and energizing their entire Stephen Ministry team.