Ways To Get Involved at KOG

“If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves
and take up their cross and follow me.”
Mark 8:34

To participate in any of these involvement opportunites please contact the church office and they will put you in touch with the appropriate person(s). Or, you may download (Word doc.) and fill out the Life Opportunities form. Turn it in to the church office, or email it.

Caring Team

This team supports the members of the congregation in all the circumstances of daily life. The team shall focus on ministering in the transitions of life experienced by members: births, baptisms, deaths, illnesses, hospitalizations, entering adulthood, aging, marriage, separation, divorce, times and places of experiencing change which may be causes for joy or grief.

Christian Education Team

Sees that ample provision is made for the growth in understanding of the Christian faith by all members in the total program of parish education. It promotes the use of teaching and worship materials as published or approved by the ELCA. This ministry team also assists the pastor(s) in the development and implementation of the congregation’s confirmation program.

Evangelism Team

This team works closely with the pastor(s) and the congregation in presenting the Christian message to the unchurched, stimulating evangelistic efforts in all dimensions of the life of the church and directing media communications and publicity in this congregation and in the community.

Fellowship Team

Coordinates congregational events that gather members and guests for times of eating and playing together.

Finance Team

Prepares a draft budget for the succeeding year, including the congregation’s full indicated share in support of the churchwide organization of the ELCA and the Synod.

Mutual Ministry Team

Supports the members of the staff in the development of personal goals and needs as they relate to their tasks in the congregation. Mutual Ministry provides an annual performance review with the staff in regard to their fulfillment of their responsibilities and tasks as related to their respective job descriptions.

Property Team

They are responsible for the protection, maintenance and use of the property and buildings of the congregation and make recommendations to the congregational council regarding the same.

Social Ministry Team

This team extends Christian compassion by directing and stimulating the service ministries of the congregation in the areas of social education, social service and social action.

Stewardship Team

Promotes Christian stewardship in the members through the proper use of time, talents, and possessions. It is responsible for the education of the congregation regarding local, national and worldwide ministries.

Kids of God Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade Advisory Board

Counsels with the leadership of the congregation to provide an ongoing positive ministry partnership between the school and the congregation.

After School Ministry (ASM)

They provide care, homework support and play.

2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the school year.

7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the summer. 

Worship and Music Team

Stimulates the spiritual growth of each member, oversees and plans for the worship services, guides the efforts of those who contribute to the worship services, and stimulates those ministries which will help persons and families grow in faith and life.

Youth Team

This team shall coordinate, support and assist with activities in the congregation that touch the lives of youth, assist in developing activities for youth, and promote youth engagement and involvement in the church.