King of Glory Lutheran Church

Worship Servers

Worship Servers fill many roles in helping a worship service run smoothly. "It takes a village" is a pretty accurate statement as there are many things to tend to. If you are looking for a way to serve then consider becoming a worship server and serving during service as you desire.

Scheduling: Sign Up Genius

You will be able to sign up at least a month ahead. You will need to sign up at the latest the Sunday before. The names will be pulled on the Sunday night for the next week.

KOG Service Assistants Signup and Schedule

Under the guidance of Chris Faust we have moved away from paper sign ups in the narthex and are now using to handle the scheduling of worship servers. If you would like to serve please create an account and then sign up for the role you would like to fill.

For instructions on how to register and use please visit this page: SignUpGenius Instructions.

If you have questions about this tool please contact Chris Faust. You may reference your church directory or contact the church office for her contact information.

Assistant Minister

The assistant minister is front and center with the Pastor during the service and assist the Pastor throughout the liturgy. These tasks vary from setting the table for communion, holding books, turning pages, and so forth.

Worship Coordinator

Description coming soon.



Scripture readers will read the first and second lessons for the service in preparation for the Pastor reading the Gospel.


During the service we pray often, but the Prayers of Intercession is an important part of the service where we pray for the world at large.

Communion Assistant

Communion Assistants will help disperse the wine to the congregation during communion while Pastor and the Assistant Minister disperse the host. Sometimes communion assistants will also help in other ways, such as handing fresh trays of wine to the other assistants.


The smiling faces and warm greetings you receive upon entering the narthex on a Sunday morning are provided by our greeters. This is an important role to provide a warm and welcoming experience to visitors and congregants alike.


Description coming soon.


We welcome everyone to our worship service, and this includes families and children. We provide a nursery where children can play and learn during a worship service which allows parents to provide their full attention to the service and sermon. If you are great with children and would like to serve as a nursery attendent then please consider signing up for this position.


There are two areas you can serve as a technician during the service.

Sound System

Our worship space is quite beautiful, and large, and as such audio equipment is required to help disperse and amplify sound so all participants may hear every part of worship as clearly as possible. The Sound System Technician operates the sound board during service, listens for audio anomolies, and assists if any audio related issues arise during service.

Video and Streaming

We have expanded the technological capabilities in our Sanctuary and have multiple cameras in order to stream the service to our congregants who are traveling, homebound, and the world abroad. This has increased our evangelism reach drastically. The Video and Streaming Technician is responsible for starting the live stream, changing the camera angle on the cameras, progressing the digital bulletin forward for online viewers, and ending the stream.


If you are intersted in learning the ropes and serving as a Sound or Video Technician please contact Frank Troglauer.

Telephone: 803-466-0314 or Email: